Okewaite is family friendly. Most of our activities are child and teenager friendly. Young people are an important part of our community, and their contributions are recognised by special awards at the Kingdom and Baronial level.

To make it easier for families to get involved, the Barony and its Cantons have a policy of free entry for minors whenever possible.

Young members are able to participate in SCA martial arts. For archery, under-12s must be supervised at all times by their caregiver, who may not be actively participating at the same time. Over-12s must have a caregiver present, but do not need individual supervision.

For renaissance fencing, teenagers from age 14 can authorise as rapier combatants, and 10-13 year olds can participate in youth fencing.

For armoured combat, children growing up in the SCA enjoy using ‘boffer’ weapons (made of foam) to imitate armoured combat. From age 14, teenagers can begin training with standard weapons, and they can be authorised to participate in adult combat from age 16.

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