Market Place

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Historically accurate fabrics, threads dyes and more.
A curated range of high quality fabrics.
Historical fabrics, linen, silk and wool.
Bulk fabric, haberdashery and notions
Living history goods and accessories.
A wide-range of fur garments.
Furs, skulls, antlers, horns bones, taxidermy.
Craft & exotic leathers, tools and accessories, and rugs
Medieval inspired creations in wood and metal.
Medieval Apothecary, historical games, coins and jewelry.
Historical replicas for re-enactors  – arms, armour, arrows and accouterments, leatherwork, furniture 
100% Australian beeswax.
Replica jewellery, cloak clasps, buttons and lacing rings.
Blacksmith & jeweller with a focus on Norse and Celtic.
Viking jewellery & gotland pendants.
Saxon, Welsh, Frankish, Anglo-Dane and Viking Jewelry.
Gemstone beads, jewellery, fans and fabric.
Leather belts and equestrian equipage.
Carefully researched and made headwear and accessories.
Medieval clothing, footwear, armour and accessories.
Boffer weapons, armour, clothing, camping and more.
Unique handcrafted garments made in Australia.
Unique handcrafted garments made in Australia.
Patterns for sewing authentic period clothing.
Medieval armour, clothing, accessories and more.
Seller of Replica Swords, Armour, Drinking Horns.
Archery equipment for hunters and target archers.
Pottery inspired by the Medieval period.
Celtic and Viking inspired products produced from traditional materials.
Medieval reproduction pottery and ceramics.
Replica glassware and ceramics.
Handmade Watercolours & Art Supplies.
Paints, Brushes, Drawing Accessories, and Surfaces.
Handmade Artist’s brushes.
German gold and silver leaf manufacturer since the late 1890’s